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Guidance For Event Attendees / Ticket Holders
What safety precautions are needed when attending an event?

The event organiser should have implemented any government direction regarding holding an event.

Several precautions should be already in place for the event, however people attending the event may need to follow the below depending on where you are based with directions given from the government and the event organiser;

  • Wearing a Mask (Carry to Event)
  • Contact-less Payment (No Cash Allowed)
  • To conduct a COVID-19 test before the event
  • Requirement for being fully vaccinated (this may also include booster shots) and an up to date vaccination certificate / passport shown upon entry
  • Not to attend if you are unwell or have any symptoms relating to COVID-19

Staff may also direct you to follow instructions, such as not allowed to enter a certain space or room if capacity has been reached for that area.

Adding to the above measures, the event itself has recorded information of the people attending the actual event.

If an outbreak does occur you will be notified to get tested and to stay home until the results of your test are known.

For further information you should contact the event organiser and visit your government health department's website for details around attending an event.

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